Who We Are

Highland Cement International Co.Ltd (“HCI”) which is located in Pyi Nyaung Village, Thar-Zi Township, Mandalay region, was founded in February, 2016. HCI is a joint venture company established by LG International Corporation which is a Korean global project development and investment company and Blue Diamond Cement Co.,Ltd registered in Myanmar that has launched its own best quality cement brand- Blue Diamond Cement.
Blue Diamond Cement is proudly manufactured in Myanmar using the technology and experts from Korea and state of art on-line quality control system. HCI is committed towards providing the premium quality in cement products to the customers and communities in Myanmar with the daily production capacity of 1500 tons per day.


We aim to set the highest standards for the exceptional quality for cement products and eventually to imbue long-lasting “strength “into communities.


We are always at the forefront of steady growth in Myanmar construction industry and economy with its ongoing initiatives focused on quality and communities.

Core Values

Our passion is to produce and sell highest quality cement products drives us to exceed expectations, to challenge ourselves to constantly improve and to never settlefor “good enough.” Leveraging our global knowledge with world class team of Korean experts is our competitive advantage.

We endeavor to build close relationships with customers that set us apart from our competitors by listening to our customers, understanding their difficulties and providing them with valuable solutions.

We are committed to work transparently & honestly in every operation & Management of company and fairly treat in all trades with the integrity. Furthermore, we are committed to incerely serve our community and society through social activities as well as job creation and hand down of advanced technologies.

We are in confidence that balancing the environment and community along with the business can create the sustainable development and promote to the living standard. Therefore we will straightforward our business growth to enlarge by creating the sustainable balance.

We strongly believe that people are the key enablers of a firm’s ability to provide differentiated values to customers. So, we respect diversity of individuals and each staff takes ownership in all matters, so that they can play a leading role in creating long-lasting customer values. We share our values with people in communities to maximize our contributions.

Managing Director's Message
Hoon Jae Lee

Managing Director

Highland Cement International Co.Ltd

In Myanmar, because of increasing residential building projects, among other causes, cement demand is gradually increasing. In rural areas, forest products have become scarce and the rural residents have turned to brick-and-cement houses. Hence, demand exists both in rural and urban areas.

The local production in Myanmar is lower than the importing rate accounting on the demand and the local production still cannot meet the demand because of the following barriers like insufficiency of power supply and raw materials, technology system and many others. For these reasons, the local production remains low.

So our Highland Cement International assumed that if local production becomes higher in both quantity and quality, well competitive in the market, it is expected that Myanmar people can use the premium quality local cement which can be adapted from the international technology and standard.

To create the continuous value for Myanmar people by strengthening the quality control of our products and differentiating ourselves through innovative thinking, our Blue Diamond Cement is entering Myanmar cement market as a newly and environmental friendly brand, we would like to get an eye, trustworthy and loyal from our customers, new users and local market by taking care of Myanmar people.’’

‘‘According to our motto and commitment, we have plans to do so many social responsibilities, environmental and local society care activities, customer relationship build up programs and events continuously together

I look forward to your continued interest and support in the future, and hope to see you at the industrial site with good products and services

Thank you!